What is sextortion, people are trapped through video calls, know how it targets youth and old people.

Mobile phone is a need of every person nowadays. Be it money transaction or talking to your relatives sitting abroad, all these tasks can be done easily through phone. Miscreants are also committing fraud by misusing the phone. Nowadays, a gang makes video calls and shows nude girls and then traps people. Demands money and threatens people by posting on their social media accounts. This phenomenon is called sextortion. These days, cases of sextortion fraud are being seen in large numbers across the country.

36 year old Naveen, resident of Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, has also been a victim of sextortion. He had never imagined even in his dreams that a video call would make his life hell. One day Naveen, father of two children, came across a link on social media. A 23 to 25 year old girl had sent a friend request. He accepted the request and then the conversation started. A few days ago, Naveen had gone out on a tour. A video call came from the same number during the night. By the time Naveen could understand anything, he was trapped in the web of sextortion.

Threatened to post on social media
Naveen told that he picked up the call as soon as it came and before he could reply. The girl seen in the video call became naked. Naveen said, ‘He took off his clothes. She started telling me too. What to do in such a situation? We also got trapped. Desi girl looking online. Hindi speaking, but the number is foreign. When the call ended the real story began. Naveen told that calls started coming from the same number and there was a person on the other side who was saying – Your video call has been recorded. If you want welfare then send money, if not then the link of the video call will go viral on all social media accounts.

I even thought of committing suicide
Naveen further said, ‘I tried to ignore him. He said put small amount. I hesitated. He said sell the phone. I said it is only worth a thousand rupees. He started calling from different numbers. Then he started threatening me so I also threatened him. Do whatever you want to do. Naveen showed courage and told the whole story to the family. In such cases, it has often been seen that a person gets trapped and does not share things with his loved ones. Wrong thoughts start running in the mind, but Naveen showed wisdom here. Naveen told that he was so disturbed by the threatening call that he once even started thinking of committing suicide. Meerut SP City Piyush Singh has advised to remain alert from such phone calls. He said that such incidents should be immediately reported to the police.

Fell in the trap of miscreants and squandered his savings.
Naveen was lucky. He did not fall prey to fraudsters and fought sextortion bravely, but a man living in Jodhpur, Rajasthan became a victim of a video call gang. We wanted to talk. Same thing happened with them as Naveen first got the video call and then what happened next. The only difference was that Naveen was not afraid of the miscreants. The victim of sextortion said, ‘I got a call. The girl became nude. It was night time. Me too…the next day they started blackmailing me again. I folded my hands a lot and made a lot of requests, they did not agree and the 50 thousand rupees that were lying were there. I gave it to him. After two days the call came again and they started demanding money. I was afraid that I might get defamed in the society. I went to the police station, but later stopped.

This person who earned 20 thousand rupees. Had deposited money for child’s education. Somehow the house was running smoothly, but an internet video call came and the hard-earned money was lost. Blackmailers looted everything. The victim further told that after keeping the phone switched off for 2 days, a thought came to my mind that now I have come to such a crossroads where I am no longer worthy of showing my face to anyone, so I thought of committing suicide, but I had little courage. Due to courage, I could not commit suicide so I changed my number.

Even elders are becoming victims of video call gangs
It is not that these people kept hunting only the soldiers. Even old people get their calls. Victims of video calls were also found in Jehanabad, Bihar. 55 year old Girijanandan Prasad also got trapped in their clutches. Girijanandan Prasad is a lawyer by profession. One day it was around ten o’clock at night. Just then the phone rang. When I picked up the video call, the girl in front was in an objectionable condition. After receiving the blackmail link, the lawyer went to the police. Filed a complaint. After threatening for a few days, the ransom calls stopped.

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