What are Halal-certified products and why has the UP government banned them, know everything about it

Halal-Certified Products: Yogi Adityanath government of Uttar Pradesh on Saturday (November 18) banned the manufacturing, selling and storing of food items with Halal certification with immediate effect. The UP government said that Halal certificate is not necessary for vegetarian products like oil, soap, toothpaste and honey.

The government has claimed that this ban is in the interest of public health and to prevent confusion. “Halal certification of food products creates confusion about the quality of food items and is completely against the basic intention of the law,” the UP government order said.

What is Halal and its certification?

Products that meet the requirements of Islamic law and are suitable for use by Muslims. They are called Halal-certified products. Halal is an Arabic word which means permission.

It is noteworthy that Halal certification was first introduced for slaughtered meat in 1974. However, there is no record of Halal certification before this. Halal meat means meat which is obtained with the help of Islamic process.

According to this, the animal is killed by cutting the throat and veins of the throat. However, in 1993, Halal certification was not limited to meat only, but was extended to other products.

Why do non-meat products get Halal certification?
Recently, there was an uproar in Vande Bharat train over a sachet of tea premix. On this the company said that the certification was for other countries, because they used to export that tea. Now Halal certification is not limited to meat. It is also required in some cosmetic items. Through this, it would be shown that no ‘haram’ products like alcohol, pig fat etc. have been used in these products.

Who gives Halal certification?
Countries importing products have to obtain Halal certification from a recognized private organization in India, as there is no government regulation in this area. The Commerce Ministry had earlier this year issued a draft guideline on Halal certification, stating that agricultural and process food products would be designated under its supervision.

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