Uttarkashi Tunnel Collapse Sufficient Water Oxygen Light Available Inside Tunnel Rescue Still Underway | Even after 10 days, workers are stuck in the tunnel, food is being transported through pipeline, water and oxygen supply in the tunnel.

Uttarkashi Tunnel Collapse: Relief and rescue work is going on to safely rescue 41 people trapped in the Silkyara Tunnel of Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand. Meanwhile, on Tuesday (21 November) he was talked to through walkie talkie. The family members of some laborers also talked to the stranded laborers.

Jaidev, one of the trapped workers, while talking to the supervisor at the tunnel collapse site, said in Bengali, “Mother, don’t worry about me, I am fine. Please you and father eat on time.”

Drilling work started in the tunnel from Barkot end also
To take out the workers, drilling work has started in the tunnel from Barkot end also. For this, a team of eight to 10 people of THDC has reached the spot. A tunnel of two to two and a half meter diameter will be prepared from here.

Food items reaching the pipeline
National Disaster Management Authority member Lieutenant General (retired) Syed Ata Hasnain said that ration, medicines and other essential items for survival are being delivered to the workers with the help of compressors. A 4-inch pipeline is sending dry fruits and other food items to the workers.

He said that there is enough water, oxygen power and light inside the tunnel. At present our focus is on doing horizontal drilling with the auger machine. Since the tunnel is already built, there is space available up to 2 km.

Talked to workers through walkie-talkie
Mahmood Ahmed, additional secretary of roads and transport, said, “Through the 6-inch pipeline, we sent a walkie-talkie inside and talked. We also got a video which showed that all the workers are safe.”

According to media reports, a 2 km long tunnel has also been built to save 41 laborers trapped inside the tunnel. Regarding the Uttarkashi tunnel rescue work, ONGC’s Exploration Director Sushma Rawat said that the rescue efforts are being monitored and we are getting all the necessary assistance.

Advisory issued for media
The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has issued an advisory to television channels to avoid sensationalizing the ongoing rescue operation in Silkyara, Uttarakhand and not to show live posts/videos from the tunnel site.

What did Pushkar Singh Dhami say?
Earlier, regarding relief and rescue operations, Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami said that communication has been established with the workers trapped in the tunnel through a six-inch pipeline. This is a huge success and an encouraging sign.

Speaking to news agency ANI, Professor Arnold Dix, President of the International Tunneling and Underground Space Association, said, “I think the team here has done an amazing job. It is fantastic.” Let us tell you that on the day of Diwali, 41 laborers were trapped due to the collapse of a tunnel under construction in Uttarkashi. Even after 10 days, the workers have not been taken out yet.

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