US Indian diaspora panel seeks inclusion of Kahalistani terrorists Gurpatwant Pannu and SFJ in no-fly list

American Indian diaspora on Gurpatwant Pannu: The panel of Indian-origin immigrants in the US has sought to include terrorist Gurpatwant Singh Pannu and his banned outfit Sikh for Justice (SFJ) in the no-fly list for releasing threatening video messages to people flying on Air India. .

Participants in a panel discussion organized by the Foundation for India and Indian Diaspora Studies (FIIDS), an organization of Indian-Americans and Indian-Canadians, said it is time for governments to take strong action against the separatist Sikh leader of SFJ. . SFJ is a US-based organization that is banned by the Government of India under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UPA) for engaging in anti-India activities.

Question mark on Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau
In July 2020, Pannu was declared a terrorist under the UPA for promoting separatism and allegedly inciting Punjabi Sikh youth to take up arms. Khanderao Kand of FIIDS said, “Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau misrepresented freedom of expression for freedom of terror and his accusations against India over the killing of extremist Nijjar have led to a rise in anti-India and anti-Hindu crimes in Canada. Have promoted.

He said Trudeau’s policies appear to ignore the dangers of extremism, which will ultimately have adverse effects on Canada. Khanderao Kand said in a statement, “The panelists, pointing to the bomb blast on Air India flight Kanishka in 1985, questioned whether Gurpatwant Pannu and SFJ members were punished for threats against traveling by Air India. Why has it not been kept in the no-fly list?

SFJ widens the gap between Sikhs and Hindus
California-based Sukhi Chahal, in reference to the historical seeds of hatred sown between Hindus and Sikhs by both the British and the Congress Party, said that SFJ does not represent the Sikhs as a whole and has spread false and hateful propaganda against Hindus and Sikhs. Is. Canada’s Ruchi Walia explained the importance of unity between Hindus and Sikhs.

Walia expressed concern about the radicalization of Sikh youth through the spread of inaccurate historical information and said this needs to be corrected. Canadian Hindus for Harmony spokesperson Vijay Jain stressed that radicals are suppressing liberal voices and endangering peace and harmony.

Questions raised on Justin Trudeau’s father
FIIDS analyst Mohan Sonti said that the current threat to Indians in Canada is especially from Khalistani terrorists. It started about 45 years ago during the time of Pierre Trudeau, former Prime Minister of Canada and father of the current Prime Minister. Citing the 1985 Kanishka plane bombing, Sonti claimed that Pierre Trudeau’s generosity contributed to the rise of Khalistani terrorism.

The bomb blast in Air India flight Kanishka in 1985 was the biggest terrorist attack on an aircraft at that time. Boeing 747 was given this name after Emperor Kanishka. 329 people aboard were killed due to a bomb explosion in the Kanishka aircraft which was flying a short distance from the coast of Ireland. The Sikh separatist organization had planted a bomb in the plane that left Canada for India via London, the purpose of which was to avenge the attack on the Golden Temple in 1984.

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