SpaceX Starship launch live updates Elon Musk loses contact with Starship rocket

SpaceX Starship spacecraft launch: Another testing flight of the huge rocket Starship of Elon Musk’s company SpaceX took off on Saturday (November 18). Contact was lost just 10 minutes after take off. This is the second time this year that SpaceX tested Starship. SpaceX had initially scheduled the second launch of the Starship rocket for Friday (November 17), but it was delayed by a day due to technical problems.

It is worth noting that earlier the company had tested it in April. At that time there was an explosion in the flight. Walter Isaacson, who has written the biography of Elon Musk, says that Starship is the most powerful rocket ever built. It has been designed to take 100 people to Mars.

Starship is the most powerful rocket
Before launch, SpaceX had modified both the rocket and the launch pad, located in the southern tip of Texas near the Mexico border. Only after this, the Federal Aviation Administration gave permission to SpaceX to fly. It is noteworthy that the approximately 400 feet high ‘Starship’ is the world’s largest and most powerful rocket.

world’s largest rocket
By combining SpaceX’s Starship spacecraft and this big rocket, it has been named Starship. It can take humans to any corner of the world in less than an hour. Starship is said to be the world’s largest rocket. This rocket is divided into two parts. The height of its upper part is 164 feet. There is 1200 tons of fuel inside it.

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