Slow partnership of KL Rahul, Virat Kohli, no boundary in 97 balls, loss to Team India in World Cup 2023 final, IND Vs AUS

KL Rahul-Virat Kohli Partnership: The final match of the World Cup 2023 started exactly as crores of Indian cricket fans wanted. Here captain Rohit Sharma came on the pitch and attacked the Kangaroo bowlers to such an extent that it spoiled everyone’s line-length. As long as Rohit stood on the pitch, Team India’s run rate remained at 8, but as soon as this destructive batsman returned to the pavilion, both the condition and direction of the team changed.

Immediately after Rohit’s dismissal, Shreyas Iyer also returned to the pavilion and the Indian team came under pressure. Team India, which had scored 80 runs in ten overs of powerplay, now had to struggle to score even one run. This was the condition of Team India when two big players of the present time were present on the pitch.

Not a single boundary came in 97 balls
Virat Kohli was standing at one end and KL Rahul was standing at the other end. There was a partnership of 67 runs on 109 balls for the fourth wicket between these two batsmen. This very slow partnership between two big players in such a big match like the World Cup final was surprising. The situation was such that during this period, till 97 balls, neither of the two batsmen hit a boundary.

Kohli and KL did not take risk
The end of the power play, the ground being bigger and the pitch slowing down can be considered the reasons for not reaching boundaries, but these circumstances were there even when Travis Head and Marnus Labuschagne were batting in the second innings. Yes, it is also true that dew started falling in the second innings but it is also true that in the second innings the spinners were getting turn till the end, which was missing in the first innings. Here it can be said that Kohli and KL did not take the risk of scoring boundaries and perhaps not taking this risk was the reason for India not reaching a big score.

Australia has strong homework according to the field
Virat was still batting well to some extent while rotating the strike but KL Rahul wasted a lot of balls. However, for this the homework of the Australian team also has to be appreciated. Considering the stadium in Ahmedabad, he bowled with a well-thought-out strategy and also kept the fielding placement such that the Indian players yearned for the boundaries.

Slow innings of KL Rahul
Virat Kohli played an innings of 54 runs on 63 balls in this match. He hit 4 fours. All these fours came only as long as captain Rohit Sharma was standing with him. On the other hand, KL Rahul scored only one four in his slow innings of 66 runs in 107 balls. It can be concluded that on the pitch where Rohit Sharma was hitting fours and sixes some time back, this drought of boundaries later put India in big trouble.

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