Shakira jailed in Spain in tax fraud case

Shakira Tax Fraud: Colombian pop star Shakira seems to be in trouble. Shakira has been summoned to appear in Barcelona court on Monday in a tax fraud case. The 46-year-old Colombian star, who lives in Miami, faces up to eight years in prison and a fine of 24 million euros ($24 million) if found guilty, The Guardian reports.

Actually, the whole matter is that from 2012 to 2014, Shakira spent more than six months as a Spanish resident, during which she should have paid taxes, which she did not. Although she denies this claim. In such a situation, to prove that she was a resident of Spain, the prosecution has called 117 witnesses, which include hairdresser, studio technician, dance teacher, doctor, beautician, gynecologist and her driver. The case of alleged tax evasion against Shakira first came into limelight in 2018.

Official residence is in Bahamas

In such a situation, it is yet to be confirmed where Shakira was living at that time. Prosecutors have alleged that the Colombian pop star committed tax fraud. He spent his time in Spain but did not pay taxes. Let us tell you that Shakira’s official residence is still in Bahamas. Tax rates in the Bahamas are much lower than in Spain.

Shakira said all the allegations are false

At the same time, Shakira has accused the tax authorities of running a campaign to tarnish her image and present her example to other Spanish taxpayers. Shakira had said in an interview last year that these are all false allegations. According to the report, the case, which started in the Barcelona court, is expected to continue till December 14, in which the court will hear about 120 witnesses.

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