Rajasthan Elections 2023 BTP Candidate Bhagwati Dindor Supports BJP In Banswara

Rajasthan Elections 2023: Voting for Rajasthan Assembly Elections 2023 is to be held on 25 November. In such a situation, the last phase of election campaign is going on, but in the meantime, once again a new twist has been seen in the political corridors in Banswara. According to the information received, Bhagwati Dindor, who contested the elections from Bharatiya Tribal Party (BTP) party after being upset with Congress candidate Arjun Singh Bamnia, today gave his support to Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Is. During this, BJP candidate Dhan Singh Rawat and District President Labhchand Patel welcomed him by garlanding him. During this, Bhagwati Dindor said that she will give her support to BJP by seeking votes from the public.

Actually, this time 6 candidates are in the fray for the Rajasthan Assembly elections from Banswara Assembly seat. This time also there is a contest between Congress and BJP on this seat. There is currently a contest on this seat between minister and Congress candidate Arjun Singh Bamania and former minister and BJP candidate Dhan Singh Rawat. Both these candidates are contesting the elections face to face for the fourth time, in which Congress candidate Arjun Singh Bamania has won twice and BJP candidate Dhan Singh Rawat has won once. Now they are face to face again in the field for the fourth time.

Know how many voters are there in total?

Let us tell you that there are a total of 2 lakh 80 thousand 983 voters in Banswara assembly seat. There are 1 lakh 40 thousand 817 male and 1 lakh 40 thousand 166 female voters in this seat. State President of Bharatiya Tribal Party, Velaram Ghoghra said that the party’s manifesto has been released. Our tag line is ‘Vote for true intentions, not raw promises’. Because parties make announcements, but the situation remains the same.

The party’s announcements are that, free coaching and free books to the youth for competitive examinations, solar power, internet, schools, opening of small scale industries, making energy data for farmers, making organic fertilizers, doubling the income of farmers, preserving forests, Linking farmers with Farmer Producer Organisation, creation of employment portal, table and chair for school children, opening of training centres, creation of public problem solving app etc.

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