Rajasthan Assembly Election 2023 Reaches Rajasthan Bundi Targets PM Modi On Caste Census

Rajasthan Assembly Election 2023: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Sunday (November 19) targeted PM Modi and accused him of working for industrialist Gautam Adani. Gandhi said that the Prime Minister should say ‘Adani ji ki Jai’ instead of ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’. He also targeted the Prime Minister regarding caste based calculation. He said that whatever happens, Prime Minister Modi cannot conduct caste based census and only Congress can do this work. Gandhi said, “The most important task for this country is caste-based enumeration. The day caste-based counting is done, milk will turn into milk and water into water.” The Congress leader held election rallies in Bundi and Dausa in Rajasthan on Sunday and appealed for the victory of the ruling Congress candidates. He said that if BJP comes to power in the state, it will stop all the public welfare schemes of Congress.

Voting for the assembly elections in the state is to be held on November 25. Rahul Gandhi said in Bundi, “Narendra Modi ji says ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’, he should say ‘Adani ji ki Jai’. They do their work.” Regarding caste-based enumeration, the Congress leader said, ”It is absolutely clear that Prime Minister Modi cannot conduct caste-based enumeration no matter what happens because Modi works for Adani. Only the Congress party can do caste based calculations.” It is notable that the Congress is targeting the Adani Group by accusing it of taking advantage of the BJP government and the Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) is investigating the allegations made by the American research group ‘Hindenberg’. Is demanding investigation from JPC. The Adani-led business group has denied any wrongdoing on its part. Gandhi said that Modi is running the country with 90 IAS officers but OBC representation among them is only three. The former Congress President said that the day caste based calculation is done and the backward people of this country understand that we are 50 percent and we are getting five percent participation, that day this country will change.

Rahul Gandhi surrounded PM Modi

Rahul Gandhi also said that the day tribals and Dalits understand that our population is 12 and 15 percent respectively, but our participation is limited to one and three persons, that day change will be visible in the country. Gandhi alleged that today two Indias have been created, one is the India of billionaires where Rs 14 lakh crore has been waived off and the other is where farmers in any BJP ruled state talk about loan waiver, they have to face lathicharge. .

Gandhi also raised the same issue in the public meeting in Dausa. He said, “Prime Minister Modi does not want to find out what is the number of backward people in this country. I raised the question of caste based calculation in the Parliament that if we really want to do ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ then we will first have to find out who has how much population in this country.” He said, ”But after that day.” Narendra Modi changed his speech. Earlier, Prime Minister Modi used to say in every speech that I am an OBC, but after that he says that there is no caste in India, only the poor. The Congress leader said that under Narendra Modi’s policy, one rupee will be given to the backward classes. Doesn’t go. Not a single rupee goes to the Dalits, not a single rupee goes to the tribals. Our policy may be MNREGA, farmer loan waiver or right to food. At least 50 percent of our money goes to the Extremely Backward Class (OBC).

Congress gave seven guarantees-Rahul Gandhi

Referring to the seven guarantees of the Rajasthan government, Rahul said, “Congress has given you seven guarantees. We do not want two Indias.” Emphasizing the importance of education in English medium, Gandhi said that the Rajasthan government has opened English medium schools in the state so that the children of the poor, farmers and laborers can study in them. He alleged that BJP does not want That the children of the poor should get education in English medium. He said, “You ask Union Home Minister Amit Shah in which medium his son has studied.” He said that a BJP leader in Madhya Pradesh had given education to a tribal. But urinated on it which shows the mentality of BJP people.

Referring to the case of current Congress MLA Girraj Malinga from Bari seat of Dholpur, he also said that Congress did not give ticket to its MLA from Rajasthan, who had beaten a Dalit, but BJP immediately took him into its party and gave him ticket. Which shows the thinking of BJP. The Congress leader appealed to the people to make the party’s candidates victorious. He said that if BJP government comes, it will take away all the existing benefits they are getting. He said, “Form a government of poor, farmers, laborers and small traders in Rajasthan. Don’t form a government of billionaires. I am guaranteeing you caste based census which will give participation to backward people, Dalits and tribals. This will be the first work to start as soon as the government comes to power in Rajasthan. Gandhi said, “As soon as our government comes to power at the Centre, I am giving you a guarantee that the caste-based census will start on that day. You will find out what is your population and what is your entitlement.

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