Rajasthan Assembly Election 2023 Congress Spokesperson Alok Sharma Target PM Narendra Modi On His Udaipur Visit Ann

Rajasthan Assembly Election 2023: The final round of assembly elections has arrived in Rajasthan. Political activities are increasing in the state regarding elections. Meetings of big leaders are being held in the state. Accusations are being made against each other. In this sequence, Congress national spokesperson Alok Sharma, while talking to the media during his visit to Udaipur, targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Alok Sharma said that now Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) has also started saying that elections cannot be contested in the name of PM Narendra Modi.

Alok Sharma said, “PM Modi lies. Even now a meeting was held here and he left by lying that gold will come out of potatoes. Hey, this is his own statement, which he imposed on us. The Prime Minister asks for votes in the name of cemeteries and crematoriums. “Those who are not able to save their soldiers in Uttar Pradesh are coming here and giving us knowledge. Infiltration is not stopping in Assam. The son of a BJP minister is going to Canada and cultivating ganja.” He further said, “The situation has become such that now even RSS has started saying that elections cannot be fought in the name of PM Modi. He (PM) will become the CM or Mayor here.”

Alok Sharma targeted Prime Minister Modi
Alok Sharma said that he is the Prime Minister of the country, he should do whatever is his work. They should tell the people of the country when there will be a dollar of 35 rupees and petrol of 35 rupees. While talking about the guarantees of the Congress government, he said that it is a good thing about democracy that one has to go to the public court. We will go to the public court and if we do not fulfill our promises, it will give its verdict. We used the word guarantee because if we do not fulfill it then the power will be in the hands of the people. After Alok Sharma, a road show of BJP National President JP Nadda took place in the city in the evening.

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