Railway Employees Protesting Against New Pension Scheme Employees Will Vote For Strike In Kota Railway Division ANN

Railway Employees Strike: Railway employees have been demanding implementation of the old pension scheme since 2004 and have been raising their voice for it from time to time, but this time the Railway Union seems to be in a mood to fight an all-out battle. For this, everyone’s consent is being taken whether the strike should be done or not. Various organizations of railway employees are gathering opinions from railway employees through secret ballot. It has started from today i.e. (20th November). Divisional Secretary of Kota Division Abdul Khaliq said that the railway employees who joined service after January 1, 2004 have been included in the NPA in place of the old pension scheme. There is dissatisfaction among the employees regarding the new pension. From time to time, railway workers also expressed their views through agitation for old pension, but till now no success has been achieved.

Abdul Khaliq said that since February 2023, under the leadership of NFIR and JFROPS, the employees have continuously raised their voice every month and on August 10, they demonstrated strength by showing solidarity at Ramlila Maidan in New Delhi and also warned the government that there will be a strike. Don’t force it. In this context, it has been decided whether to go on strike in protest against NPS or not. This decision will be taken after taking opinion from railway employees and this opinion will be taken in all zonal railways before 30th November. In this series, the West Central Railway Labor Union in Kota division, starting from 20th November and ending at 5 pm on 21st November, will reach every workplace of Kota division and take opinion from about 15 thousand employees through secret ballot whether they are ready to go on strike or not. No.

Railway employees will vote
On the call of Joint Forum and All India Railway Men’s Federation for restoration of old pension, on behalf of West Central Railway Employees Union, indefinite strike for restoration of old pension at all three divisions of West Central Railway, Kota, Bhopal and Jabalpur and both factories and at every work place. To know the opinion of railway employees regarding the strike, their opinion will be taken through voting by organizing a strike ballot. Assistant divisional secretary of the union, Naresh Malav, said that to fulfill this biggest demand of the joint platform formed for restoration of old pension for all central and state employees including railway employees, public awareness and torch procession are being organized continuously across the country. There has been a public movement but the government is paying no attention.

Strike will be decided only after the opinion of railway employees
Under the leadership of Com Mukesh Galav, General Secretary of West Central Railway Employees Union, the youth participated with enthusiasm, following the rules with full enthusiasm. For the upcoming proposed railway strike on 21st and 22nd November, the opinion of the railway employees will be known by conducting a strike ballot and if the railway employees vote with majority in favor of the strike, then the union will decide to restore the old pension. By giving notice of indefinite railway strike on time, the people will go on strike by blocking the railway tracks and going on a strike. Counting of votes will take place on November 23, after which further action will be taken for indefinite strike as per the opinion of the employees.

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