Pat Cummins’ pitch plays a role in Australia’s win against Team India in the World Cup 2023 final.

Pat Cummins Pitch Photo: On November 18, a day before the final match of the World Cup 2023, a picture of Pat Cummins had made a lot of headlines. In this picture, the Australian captain was seen taking a photo of the pitch on which the World Cup final match between Australia and India was to be played. At that time, cricket fans had a lot of fun saying that Pat Cummins had taken this photo so that BCCI does not change this pitch later. Many types of memes were also being made on this picture of Cummins. But now the real meaning of this picture is being understood.

Actually, some time after the photo of the pitch was taken, Pat Cummins had said something special in the pre-match press conference. He said that he is not a good pitch reader. In such a situation, he cannot accurately assess the nature of the pitch to be used in the final. This statement of Cummins proved to be completely opposite when he won the toss and chose to bowl first and then everything started going in his favor.

Batting on the pitch was not easy at first and dew was also certain to fall at night. In such a situation, Cummins took the right decision by winning the toss and then bowled the way he should have bowled considering the nature of the pitch. That means more ‘back of length’ balls were kept. From this it became clear that Cummins understood the pitch very well. Now was this the understanding of Cummins or the entire Australian team and staff. Only Australians know this secret but rumors have started rising on social media that Cummins was sending pictures of the pitch to someone and possibly the person who was watching the pitch helped Pat Cummins in reading the pitch.

Only Cummins can tell the truth
Now only Pat Cummins can tell how much truth is there in this. By the way, it is impossible to accurately assess the temperament of the pitch by looking at the pictures like this. But it is certain that looking at the picture can definitely help in how to read the pitch. Now cricket fans can only wait for the secret to be revealed whether this picture of the pitch by Pat Cummins is what snatched the World Cup trophy from India or the matter was something else.

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