MP Crime News A Child Burn With Hot Rods 51 Times Name Of Superstition In Tribal Dominated Shahdol District ANN

MP Latest News: In Shahdol tribal district of Madhya Pradesh, due to a misdeed, the body of an infant child was burnt with hot rods 51 times. The innocent child is now fighting the battle of life and death in Shahdol Medical College. It is said that within one and a half months, the innocent child was burnt with hot iron for the second time by his family out of superstition. Even today, the evil practice of burning and burning continues in the tribal dominated Shahdol district. Due to superstition, dozens of cases of burning innocent children with hot rods in the name of treatment have come to light in the district.

It is said that in the recent past, more than 10 innocent children have become victims of superstition. One such case has come to light from Hardi village of Sohagpur district panchayat area of ​​Shahdol district. Here, due to pneumonia and difficulty in breathing, a one and a half month old innocent baby was burnt with hot rods 51 times on his stomach, back, face and hands and legs. Because of this the child’s condition became more serious. When the situation worsened, he was admitted to the Medical College, Shahdol, where his treatment is going on.

In the name of exorcism, the child was burnt with hot rods

The whole matter is of village Hardi of Sohagpur district panchayat of Shahdol. Here, one and a half month old innocent Prem Lal was beaten with hot rods 51 times by his cruel father Pradeep Baiga when he was breathing and had flatulence. His body was seared with each hot rod. Due to this the condition of innocent Prem Lal worsened. He was admitted to Medical College, Shahdol for treatment in critical condition, where the innocent life is fighting the battle of death. In this case, innocent Prem Lal’s father Pradeep says that when his health deteriorated, an old-minded elder of the house had got the child branded with hot rods, due to which his condition worsened. Medical College Superintendent Dr. Nagendra Singh said that when the child was admitted, he was suffering from breathlessness. The child has been branded at many places. Now the child’s condition is stable.

Let us tell you here that burning the bodies of children in this manner is called Dom in rural-tribal areas. This is a superstition, in which the villagers believe that if the child has any disease, then the disease goes away by domming it i.e. burning it with hot rods or needles. Such cases have happened many times in Shahdol before. Many times, children’s lives are in danger due to the superstition of burning them with hot rods or needles, but this superstition is still not stopping.

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