MasterChef India chef Vikas Khanna reveals shocking struggle journey when a chef attacked him with a knife

Vikas Khanna: Chef Vikas Khanna is the number one chef in the country. Vikas, born in Amritsar, is famous for his delicious dishes all over the world. Recently Vikas remembered his days of struggle and talked openly. The chef told that he had to face a lot of difficulties in the initial days.

Food sold on carts in America

In an interview, Vikas Khanna, remembering the days of struggle, said that ‘America is a difficult country to live in. In 2000, I went to America and lived only in New York, I worked a lot with many chefs. But after a few days, I was selling food on carts on the streets because in those days I had to survive.

Masterchef show will be remembered emotionally

My mom loves it, my grandma watched the first two episodes of MasterChef and then she passed away. That’s why this show has a lot of emotional importance for me. When I started the show in 2011, I honored that opportunity. When I got the Michelin star, Masterchef was released on 4th October and 22nd October and I lost my grandmother in the first week of November. MasterChef will always be emotional for me.

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