Maldivian President Mohammed Muizzu double-facedly asked India to return the helicopter and is now using it

Maldives’ newly elected President Mohammed Muizzu had formally asked India to withdraw its troops soon after taking oath of office.

A senior Maldivian official said on Sunday (19 November) that 77 Indian soldiers are present in Maldives. He said that the government of Maldives is reviewing more than 100 previous agreements with India. But apart from these statements, Maldives officials are using aircraft and helicopters given by India.

A day after Muizzu’s formal announcement of sending Indian troops, ML officials used helicopters. Apart from this, with the help of Dornier aircraft, a 36-year-old woman was sent from Atol Hospital to the Central Area Command of Male.

Recent incidents of use of Indian aircraft

According to the information of the National Military Team of Maldives, on November 15, with the help of Indian Dornier aircraft, an 81 year old man was rescued from L. Gan was brought from the regional hospital to a hospital in Male City. Apart from this, on November 14, an elderly woman was taken to the hospital with the help of a Dornier aircraft. On November 13, a 24-year-old boy was taken to hospital on the same plane in critical condition. On the same day, a woman was also sent to the hospital by plane. On November 6, the 25-year-old boy was taken from Abdul Samad Hospital to Male city.

How many Indian soldiers in Maldives?

Mohammed Firozul Abdul Khalil, Under Secretary for Public Policy in the Office of the President of Maldives, said in a press conference that 77 Indian soldiers are present in our country. According to Abdul Khalil, there are 25 Indian soldiers for the maintenance of Dornier aircraft, while there are 50 Indian soldiers for two helicopters. There are 2 additional soldiers present for all three aircraft who provide technical support.

Why is Maldives against Indian soldiers?

India has given aircraft, helicopters and reconnaissance planes to the government of Maldives. To help this, some Indian soldiers also live in Maldives. The maritime area of ​​Maldives is monitored by reconnaissance aircraft, India and Maldives work together in this surveillance operation, but the people of the country consider this an intelligence activity. Taking advantage of this, Mohammed Muizzu had promised the people of Maldives before the elections that as soon as he won the elections, he would send back the Indian soldiers to ‘protect the sovereignty’.

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