Joe Biden, Xi Jinping agree on US-China military talks, know its impact on India

US-China military talks: US President Joe Biden and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping met at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (EPEC) summit held recently in San Francisco, USA. At the summit, both the leaders agreed to resume high-level military communication between the two countries on the basis of equality.

Let us tell you that due to the visit of former US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan last year, US-China tension had reached its peak and military communication between the two countries was disrupted.

A report in India Today has claimed that the meeting between Biden and Jinping is not just a bilateral affair, but it has a deep impact on India. The report says that this is a moment for India to re-examine its diplomatic and strategic approach.

According to the report, amid global changes, India finds itself in a complex situation, facing constant border tensions with China, an example of which can be taken from the Galwan Valley conflict of 2020. The changing dynamics of US-China relations may affect India’s perspective towards the neighboring country (China). However, India’s perspective on relations with the US and China is multidimensional.

What is the meaning of the change in America’s attitude towards China?

The report said that the recent situation in Asia and the Indo-Pacific, especially in view of China’s increasing assertiveness in the region, has prompted India and the US to consider further enhancing their relations. The US has reaffirmed that the Indo-Pacific remains a high priority and is challenging China’s claims to regional hegemony and building alliances to counterbalance China’s influence.

However, there is a clear change in the US approach from its aggressive stance to de-risking economic relations with China and resumption of high-level talks to build an environment of trust, a subtle strategy in dealing with Beijing. Gives indication of. The report said that this change is based on substantial economic engagement, with bilateral trade between the two countries reaching $700 billion in 2022.

What should be India’s strategy, expert told

The report quoted C Raja Mohan, senior fellow at the Asia Policy Society Institute, as saying about India’s potential strategy: “While India has done its part, it needs to constantly assess changes in relations with great powers.” Needed, especially between America, China and Russia. India’s emphasis should be on strengthening its ties with the US, maintaining its long-term ties with Russia and leveraging new opportunities to manage the difficult relationship with China.

He said India’s rise in the international system allows it to effectively handle any sudden changes in relations with big powers.

‘Powers should unite to deal with common threats’

Michael Kugelman, director of the South Asia Institute at the Wilson Center, said much of the world would like to see less tense relations between the US and China and India is no exception.

He said that since the biggest emerging global threats are international in origin, such as a pandemic or climate change, the entire world would like the two most powerful countries to come together enough to cooperate in dealing with common threats.

What impact will US-China rapprochement have on India?

Kugelman also told what effect the US-China rapprochement will have on India. He said the resumption of some US-China military cooperation and a modest thaw in relations between the two countries could potentially directly benefit India.

He said that there are many reasons due to which China has increased provocation against India in LAC and Indian Ocean but one possibility is the rapidly growing US-India security partnership.

He said that if US-China tensions continue to reduce, Beijing may have less motivation to be aggressive against India. He said that these effects should definitely not be exaggerated because these new developments in US-China relations could also be reversed.

He said that since India-China competition has taken on a life of its own which is not linked to US-related factors. Nevertheless, the easing of US-China tensions may help address India’s interests by marginally reducing the security threat posed by China.

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