Israel US Refuse To Sign Deal With Hamas To Release Hostages Says Netanyahu | Israel Hamas War: Israel and America refuse to reach agreement with Hamas for the release of hostages, Netanyahu said

Israel Hamas War: America and Israel have refused the agreement to release the hostages from the clutches of Hamas. Both the countries have said that till now they have not been able to reach any agreement to release the hostages but they are continuously trying. In fact, a report in the American newspaper Washington Post on Sunday claimed that America and Israel have made a temporary agreement with Hamas regarding the release of hostages.

The report claimed that if Hamas releases women and children among its hostages, then an agreement can be reached to stop the war for five days. However, America and Israel have denied this alleged agreement. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, “There have been false reports in the media in recent days regarding some agreements being made to release the hostages.” He said, “If there is any agreement, we will present it to the Israeli people.”

Qatar is mediating

Regarding the release of the hostages, Qatar’s Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani said that he is confident that Israel and Hamas can soon reach an agreement on the release of the hostages. He said that the challenges that will arise to complete this agreement are very small and practical. According to a report by news agency Reuters, Qatar has advocated the release of 50 hostages in exchange for a three-day ceasefire through mediation.

America denied the claims of the agreement

White House National Security Council spokesperson Adrienne Watson said, “We have not reached any agreement yet, but we are trying to reach an agreement.”

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