Israel Hamas war Netanyahu condemns Palestine’s claim of Israel killing its own citizens

Israel Hamas War: Amid the ongoing war with Hamas, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dismissed Palestine’s claims that Israel had massacred its own citizens at a music festival near Gaza as meaningless. Netanyahu said that this is the complete opposite of the truth. Let us tell you that the Palestinian National Authority had accused Israel of massacring its own people near Gaza.

In his address to the nation, Netanyahu said that Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas had previously denied the existence of the Holocaust, he had also denied the existence of Hamas, which launched a surprise attack on Israel on October 7. Let us tell you. That the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank is headed by President Mahmoud Abbas. Who accused Israel of genocide of its own people.

Palestine accused Israel of killing its own people

Benjamin Netanyahu said that the Palestinian Authority said something absolutely absurd in Ramallah. He denied that it was Hamas that carried out the horrific massacre at the nature festival near Gaza. The Palestinian Authority accused Israel of carrying out the massacre. This is completely opposite to the truth.

Netanyahu told Israel’s goal

The Israeli Prime Minister said in clear words that the comments of the Palestinian President are unacceptable and this is not the way to achieve peace in the region. He further said that our goal is that after destroying Hamas no one in Gaza will educate their children to become terrorists, will not pay for terrorists and will not tell their children what their ultimate goal in life is .

Meanwhile, Israel once again claimed about Gaza’s biggest hospital, Al Shifa, that Hamas is using this hospital as its base. Releasing a video, the Israeli army said that the captured soldier was killed and two foreign hostages were kept in this hospital by Hamas fighters.

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