Israel Hamas war Hamas holds hostages in Gaza Al Shifa hospital Israeli military claims to release video

Israel Hamas War: Amidst the ongoing war with Hamas, the Israeli Army has made a big claim by releasing a footage. According to the Israeli army, after the attack on October 7, Hamas fighters took the hostages to Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City.

A video clip posted on the Israel Defense Forces’ official social media platform X (formerly Twitter) shows a man wearing shorts and a light blue shirt being dragged by five men. Three-four armed people are also seen in the video. One of the video clips shows the time of 10:53 am on October 7.

Hostages seen with armed men

Another clip, from 10:55 a.m., shows an injured man in underwear being carried by seven men, at least four of them armed, some wearing hospital scrubs. However, ABP News has not been able to confirm the authenticity of this footage.

CCTV footage of Shifa hospital goes viral

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) posted on the social media platform In which a Nepali citizen and a Thai citizen are seen, who were kidnapped from Israeli territory on October 7. According to the IDF, one of the hostages is injured and is being taken to a hospital bed and the other is walking.

In such a situation, along with posting the video, it has been said that Hamas had used the Shifa Hospital complex as terrorist infrastructure on the day of the October 7 massacre. Let us tell you that Al-Shifa is the biggest hospital in Gaza. The Israeli army is repeatedly saying that Hamas is using it as a base.

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