Israel Hamas war Gaza Hamas did not plan to attack Nova Music Festival, Israeli police report shows

Israel Hamas War: A shocking news has emerged regarding the attack by Hamas on October 7 in the Israeli areas adjacent to Gaza. An Israeli police report said that there was no plan by Hamas to attack the Nova Music Festival in the attack. This plan was made on the spot.

The Israeli police report said that Hamas was planning to attack Kibbutz Reem and the surrounding villages adjacent to Gaza. But when he looked through the drone, he got information about Nova Music Festival. After this, the fighters landed there through parachute and targeted the people attending the festival.

Fighters entered the border by dodging radar and sensors

According to Israeli officials, radar and underground sensors were installed near the border between Gaza and Israel, but despite this, Hamas ‘terrorists’ entered their border and killed about 1200 people. Police said that 4400 people were present in the music festival at the time of the attack. Of these, 364 people were killed, which included 17 policemen.

Hamas had organized a naked parade of a woman

Hamas fighters had abducted a woman named Shani Louk from the Nova Music Festival and paraded her around the city without clothes. However now his death is being claimed. American journalist Rabbi Shumlee quoted Shani Louk’s mother Ricarda Louk as saying that his death has been confirmed by the Israeli army. However, the Israeli Army has not given any information about Shani.

Shani’s parents are experiencing endless pain. His father says that he is living with the help of his memories. He wants his daughter to be remembered as a happy girl.

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