Israel Hamas War American President Joe Biden Agrees To The Deal Of Release Hostages With Hamas | Hostages can be released from Hamas captivity soon, agreement in final round, Joe Biden said

Amidst speculations about the release of hostages by Hamas, US President Joe Biden has indicated that this deal is now close to completion. Earlier, a Washington Post report had claimed that a temporary agreement has been reached between America, Israel and Hamas under which Hamas will release children and women from its captivity, in return for which Israel will stop the war for five days.

Joe Biden was giving a speech at the Thanksgiving ceremony, meanwhile a reporter asked questions about the agreement with Hamas. He asked- Are there reports that the agreement is nearing completion? In response to the reporter, Biden said, “Yes, I believe so too.”

Israel had refused

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had denied any such agreement on Monday. He had said, “There have been false reports in the media in recent days regarding some agreements being made to release the hostages.” He said, “If there is any agreement, we will present it to the Israeli people.”

US President Joe Biden has now admitted that the agreement with Hamas is in the final stages. A day earlier, White House National Security Council spokesperson Adrienne Watson said, “We have not reached any agreement yet, but we are trying to reach an agreement.”

Is Qatar conducting mediation?

Qatar’s Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani has taken the responsibility of mediating the ongoing deal with Hamas and Israel. He expressed hope that the agreement is in its final stages, only minor formalities are left to be completed. He said, “The agreement is almost complete, just some small and challenging practical issues remain.”

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