Israel Hamas war Al Shifa hospital almost empty Lives of 32 children at stake, what will happen next

Israel Hamas War: A joint team of the World Health Organization and the United Nations has said that due to the presence of the Israeli army at Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza, the health of 32 children out of 291 patients present in the hospital is very serious.

It is noteworthy that on Saturday, a doctor from Al-Shifa claimed that the Israeli Army had given one hour time to vacate the hospital. After this news, pictures of people fleeing the hospital also emerged. The World Health Organization, which is leading the mission in Al-Shifa hospital, said that more teams will try to reach Al-Shifa in the coming days so that patients can be evacuated to southern Gaza. An attempt can be made to take it.

Al Shifa has been the beating heart of the strip’s medical infrastructure for nearly eight decades, but now according to the World Health Organization it is “fundamentally no longer functioning.” According to news agency AP, Israeli soldiers are staying in the hospital and are searching for the command center of Hamas. Hamas and the hospital staff have denied Israel’s allegations.

Crowded hospitals in southern Gaza

Israel had reportedly asked to vacate Al-Shifa hospital and move towards southern Gaza. Most of the people vacated the hospital and started walking towards southern Gaza. There is a huge crowd of patients in the hospitals of southern Gaza. There is no space left to admit new patients, but still they are being admitted there. According to Al Jazeera, many of the people on foot are seriously injured, unable to walk, but are still walking. However, hospital staff are still attending 291 patients in Al-Shifa.

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