Israel Gaza War Hamas Agrees To Temporary Deal With US Israel To Release Children Women As Per Report | Hamas agrees to release children and women, makes temporary agreement with America and Israel

Hamas releases female hostages: The US agreed to release children and women held hostage by Hamas under a so-called temporary agreement with Israel. American newspaper Washington Post has reported about this alleged agreement. According to the Washington Post report, under the alleged agreement, all parties will stop the war for at least five days. Whereas more than 50 hostages will be released in 24 hours.

However, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and US officials have denied any such agreement. According to the newspaper, according to the people involved in the agreement, the release of the hostages can start in the next few days. On Saturday, Netanyahu said, “There are many unverified rumors and many false reports regarding the hostages. But I promise that if there is an agreement, we will report to you.”

A White House spokesperson also said that Israel and Hamas have not yet reached any agreement on a temporary ceasefire. He said that the US is continuing to work to reach an agreement.

Gaza situation

According to the World Health Organization and a UN team, marks of firing have been seen on the walls of Gaza’s Al-Shifa Hospital. Apart from this, the team said that there is a pile of dead bodies outside the hospital. The Hamas-run Health Ministry has said that two explosions have occurred in Jabaliya in northern Gaza, killing 80 people.

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