Indian team players advertised brand promotion during World Cup 2023, lack of game planning in the final

World Cup 2023 Final: Home ground.. support of cricket fans.. strong team.. and all the players in form. Despite all this, Team India lost the World Cup trophy. The defeat came from the team which had won unilaterally in its opening match of the World Cup. Everything was fine from the first match till the semi-final match. There was no weak link visible anywhere. Full claims were being made to win the World Cup title. After all, where did the mistake happen? Whatever mistakes happened, why did they happen? And even if there were some shortcomings, why were they not worked on at the last moment? All these questions will probably keep coming in the mind of every Indian cricket fan for a long time.

Well, it is a game of cricket. Sometimes there is victory and sometimes there is defeat. Everyone makes mistakes too. Till now, even 10 matches were won one-sidedly. All this keeps happening in the game. But who can explain this to the cricket fans dreaming of the trophy? Among them, there is such a craze for cricket that if you win one match, it turns you into a god and when you lose the next match, it opens you up to criticism. Something similar is being seen after the World Cup final.

Engaged in advertising and then the trophy came out
Cricket fans are writing on social media that the players of Team India were busy in advertising and the World Cup trophy was lost. From coach Rahul Dravid to captain Rohit Sharma and big players like Virat Kohli are also being accused of being busy in advertisements. Fans are also writing that in order to earn money, Indian players forgot to do proper game planning in the World Cup final.

Such reactions from the fans are natural after the defeat in the World Cup 2023. In fact, during the matches he keeps watching the ads of the players all the time. In such a situation, when other teams lift the trophy, it cannot be said that it is wrong for them to get angry like this. Then one thing is also true that the lack of game planning of the Indian team was clearly visible in the final match.

Team India’s game planning was weak compared to Australia
While batting first, the slow partnership between Virat and KL Rahul seemed as if perhaps the Indian team had assumed that a score of 250 would be the winning score on the Ahmedabad pitch. After losing three wickets, the Indian batsmen played till the end as if it was very difficult to score runs on the pitch, whereas it was not so. In the first innings, the spinners were not even getting turn on the pitch. Then even during bowling, Indian bowlers were bowling everywhere, that is, according to the Kangaroo batsmen and the big boundaries of the field, it was not clear as to whom to bowl against whom.

In contrast, Australia’s game plan was very strong. Australian bowlers kept most of the balls in the short length area and also took wickets on this. The field placing of the Kangaroo team was also such that the Indian batsmen were not able to even reach the boundary. Pat Cummins had also assigned different types of responsibilities to different bowlers in front of every Indian batsman. Overall, Australia had entered the field with complete game planning. Perhaps the Indian team was far behind Australia in strategic matters.

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