India Maldives controversy: Are Indian soldiers really deployed in Maldives, know the truth which Muizzu is not telling?

Maldives: Less than 24 hours after taking oath as the President of Maldives, Mohammed Muizzu intensified the campaign to expel Indian troops from the country. Earlier, Muizzu had heavily promoted ‘Out-India’ in his election campaign, due to which he won the election.

After taking oath as President, Muizzu started saying that he would not allow any foreign soldier to be stationed in his country. In such a situation, it becomes important to know whether Indian soldiers are really present in Maldives.

Is the Indian Army really deployed?

The truth is that Indian soldiers are not deployed in Maldives. In fact, the fact is that India had gifted a patrol ship, Dornier aircraft and 2 advanced light helicopters to the previous Maldives government. These planes and ships are used there in medical emergency, surveillance and air rescue operations. Only a few crew and technicians from India are present in Maldives for the maintenance and operation of those ships and aircraft.

Talk about deployment of Indian soldiers is a lie

Along with this, the assets deployed in Maldives play an important role in humanitarian missions rather than representing any military force. Linking these assets with the Indian Army is not only wrong but also a lie. Since 2019, a total of 977 missions have taken place, most of which have provided essential medical assistance to the Maldivian population. That means Indian employees have saved the lives of people there.

Indian planes help Maldives

Along with this, with the help of Dornier aircraft sent by India, Maldives has strengthened its surveillance capability, due to which it has become safe to a great extent from the clutches of terrorists and pirates. Additionally, as the Maldives faces the dire consequences of climate change, with rising sea levels threatening its existence, India has also made significant investments of more than $1.5 billion in the Maldives.

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