India-Australia Foreign Minister Framework Dialogue Current diplomatic relations between India and Canada were discussed, said Foreign Minister S Jaishankar

Foreign Minister Framework Dialogue: External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on Tuesday (November 21) met his Australian counterpart Penny Wong in Delhi regarding the Foreign Ministers’ Framework Dialogue. There was also a special discussion between the leaders of the two countries on furthering the strategic partnership. This meeting between the two took place at Hyderabad House. After this, S Jaishankar also addressed a joint press conference with Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong.

According to news agency ANI, while addressing the press conference, Foreign Minister Jaishankar said that India-Australia comprehensive strategic partnership is gaining real momentum. PM Anthony Albanese was in India in September for the G20 summit. He expressed his gratitude to Foreign Minister Penny Wong for Australia’s strong and consistent support for India’s G20 presidency.

He also mentioned that the 14th Foreign Minister Framework Dialogue has just been concluded. We had a great discussion, which really covered a lot of topics.

‘Detailed discussion on Quad between the two countries’

External Affairs Minister Jaishankar said, “We have discussed the Quad in some detail today. The Quad has made a lot of progress in the last few years. There are many issues on which we are cooperating with each other. New convergence and cooperation There is a tendency to lead the way to explore new areas of India. Today’s discussion was about what else we can add to the Quad…”

‘India held extensive discussions with Australia on security issues’

He also said, “…we have discussed security issues extensively. India shares a growing rapport with Australia and at its core is a truly free, open, inclusive, prosperous and rules-based Indo- There is a shared commitment in the Pacific region.”

‘Special conversation on terrorism, fundamentalism and extremism’

He told that he also had a special discussion with Perry Wong about terrorism, fundamentalism and extremism. We have cooperated very closely in various forums including FATF. He said that regional and global issues were also discussed in detail while keeping them at the centre. What is the current situation in West Asia or Middle East… South East Asia, ASEAN were also discussed.

‘Agreement on promoting connectivity, development and security’

He also stressed that we will continue to work towards a rules-based international system. We will also support freedom of navigation in international waters and promote connectivity, development and security for all, while respecting territorial integrity…”

‘Canada is giving place to extremism and fundamentalism’

The Foreign Minister also discussed diplomatic relations between Australia and Canada. He said that both India and Canada have good relations with Australia. Canada’s relations with India have also been discussed with its Australian counterpart. One of the objectives behind this discussion was to know India’s point of view on the issue of Australia and Canada. From our perspective, our main issue is really what is giving way to extremism and radicalization in Canada.

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