Ind Vs Aus Cricket World Cup 2023 Final Pakistan woman curses Team India for final against Australia in viral YouTube video

Pakistani women cursed India in the World Cup: The people of India are celebrating when India reaches the final of the Cricket World Cup. On the other hand, the people of Pakistan are not at all happy with this. Recently, Pakistani female YouTuber Sana Amjad took feedback from Pakistani women quoting India. On this a woman congratulated India. He said that God forbid India loses to Australia in the final.

The Pakistani woman said that ever since Pakistan was out of the World Cup, we felt very sad, but when Team India reached the final, we are very angry. He is accusing India of tampering with the pitches. She is not playing fair cricket like this.

Questions raised on India’s performance
There are plenty of cricket lovers in Pakistan. However, many of these people seem to be raising questions on India’s performance. Recently, Pakistani cricket expert has raised questions regarding the ball. He had said that India is being given the second ball in the match, due to which they are taking wickets and now they are also raising questions about the pitch.

On the other hand, when Pakistani female YouTuber Sana Amjad asked the woman why she was praying for India’s defeat, the woman said that it is our enemy country. He creates problems for us.

In the name of Pakistan cricket team
Let us tell you that an attempt is being made to blame India for Pakistan’s poor performance in the Cricket World Cup. On one hand, Pakistan was out of the league match and also had to face a bad defeat at the hands of India. Many Pakistanis are very angry due to this, who are now seen cursing for India.

During the Cricket World Cup itself, the Pakistani Cricket Board had alleged that their players were not being given beef in their food, due to which there was a decline in their performance. On the other hand, the Pakistani coach went a step further and said that Dil-Dil Pakistan was not played in the stadium, due to which his team lost the match.

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