IND Vs AUS Cricket World Cup 2023 Final Mirchi Havan For Team India Victory In Maa Baglamukhi Mandir Of Ujjain Ann

ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Final: Worship continues at religious places regarding the final match of the World Cup. In the Mahakaleshwar Temple of Ujjain, prayers were offered by the Pandits and priests, while in the Baglamukhi Temple of Ujjain, the saints made their request through Mirchi Havan. Saints claim that India’s victory in the World Cup is certain.

The World Cup final match is between India and Australia on Sunday (19 November). The eyes of the country as well as the world are fixed on this final match. Mirchi Havan was performed at Baglamukhi Mata Temple in Ujjain to mark India’s victory. Mahant Ramnath Maharaj, director of Baglamukhi temple, said that Mirchi Havan has never failed. Mirchi Hawan has always been known as an infallible arrow for Sanatan Dharma. Mirchi Havan is being performed by 51 pundits and priests for India’s victory.

Prayer for India’s victory in Bhasma Aarti
Mahant Ramnath Maharaj told that with the offering of this chilli and chilli, prayers will be offered for India’s victory. He told that India’s victory in the World Cup is certain. In order for India to become the world champion, continuous worship is going on in the famous Jyotirlinga Mahakaleshwar temple. Bhushan Guru of Mahakaleshwar Temple told that in Bhasma Aarti, prayers were offered to God for India’s victory.

Bhushan Guru told that after this, a petition is being made to Lord Mahakal in Bhog Aarti also for the victory of India. He said that on Sunday, the puja will continue throughout the day in the Mahakaleshwar temple by the Pandit and priest families with the wish of India becoming the world champion.

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