IND Vs AUS Cricket World Cup 2023 Final Cricket fans wearing blue jersey and holding tionga march towards Narendra Modi Stadium Ahmedabad

IND vs AUS World Cup 2023 Final: Before the World Cup final match between India and Australia at the world’s largest Narendra Modi Stadium located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, the entire city of Ahmedabad is filled with crowds of cricket lovers. Lakhs of people wearing the blue jersey of the Indian team have reached Ahmedabad from many parts of the country through various means. In other words, the entire Ahmedabad city is colored blue.

Crowds of cricket lovers on every road leading to the stadium.
According to the report of news agency PTI, on the morning of the match on Sunday (November 19), people wearing blue jerseys were seen on every road leading to Narendra Modi Stadium (Motera) to cheer up Team India. Are excited. On one hand, people are wearing clothes in the color of the Indian team’s jersey, while on the other hand, the Tricolor is also seen in the hands of almost all the people, which is a wonderful sight. They are moving forward in joy with the hope of India’s victory.

The security system is very tight
Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself is going to come to the stadium to watch the great match between India and Australia. Apart from this, Chief Ministers of eight states of the country and more than 100 VIPs including Australia’s Deputy Prime Minister Richard Marles will be present. Therefore, elaborate security arrangements have been made.

Crowd outside the stadium
Although Narendra Modi Stadium is the largest stadium in the world, where the capacity of spectators is 1 lakh 32 thousand. However, judging by the large number of people who have reached here, it seems that a huge crowd of people will remain outside the stadium till the end of the match. Thousands of such fans have reached Ahmedabad who have not got a place in any hotel and have spent the night in the waiting room of the Railways.

Team India’s jersey is selling well
Indian jerseys are being sold on every road leading to the stadium. For Sheetal Ben, this final is a gift from God. Her husband is ill and she is earning her livelihood by doing odd jobs.

Talking to news agency PTI, he said, “I have sold at least 200 to 260 jerseys with Virat Kohli’s name on them.” Apart from this, I have sold 150 jerseys with Rohit’s name on them. Indian team caps are also in great demand. During the match between India and Pakistan, I earned Rs 30 thousand in three days. After the tournament ends, it will take me six months to earn this much.

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