IND Vs AUS Cricket World Cup 2023 Final, Australia is a very dangerous team in the final, this is the record

ICC Cricket World Cup 2023: The Indian cricket team has performed brilliantly so far in this World Cup. This team has not lost a single match while playing under the leadership of Rohit Sharma. Team India’s batsmen, from the openers to number 6, are all in form, and all have performed brilliantly in this World Cup. Apart from this, all five bowlers have taken wickets in the bowling of Team India.

From Mohammed Shami to Siraj, everyone has troubled the opposition batsmen on their respective days, so in this match Team India is not dependent on any one batsman or bowler, but still they face against the Australian team in the final match. .

Australia’s record in the final

The record of the Australian team in the finals is intimidating for the opposition teams. This team loves the final of the ODI World Cup very much. This is the reason why the Australian team has reached the finals a total of 8 times so far, and has also won the finals 5 times. Till now no team has been able to score 300 runs in the final against Australia. Let us tell you the details of all the final matches of Australia.

1975 World Cup Final: In the final match played at Lord’s, West Indies scored 291 runs losing 8 wickets in 60 overs, but Australia lost the match by 17 runs.

1987 World Cup Final: In this final match played at Eden Gardens, Australia had scored 253 runs, but England could score only 246 runs.

1996 World Cup Final: Australia had scored 241 runs while playing first. Sri Lanka won that match with 3 wickets in hand.

1999 World Cup Final: Pakistan team was limited to only 132 runs against Australia.

When Australia reached the final with India for the first time

2003 World Cup Final: Australia had scored 359 runs losing 2 wickets, but the Indian team was all out for only 234 runs.

2007 World Cup Final: In this final match against Australia, Sri Lankan team was limited to only 215 runs.

2015 World Cup Final: In this final match against Australia, New Zealand team could score only 183 runs.

2023 World Cup Final: Now Australia is going to face India in this final match. In such a situation, it remains to be seen whether Team India is able to end Australia’s dominance in the World Cup finals that has been going on for years or not.

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