If India wins the World Cup, Rohit Sharma and Rahul Dravid will be remembered for their contribution for a long time: Sanjay Bangar

On how important this World Cup is for Rahul Dravid as the coach of Team India, Sanjay Bangar, while speaking exclusively to Star Sports show “Follow the Blues”, said, This is a huge moment for Rahul Dravid, we usually talk football history where we discuss captains and players who have won World Cup medals as a player and coach, Rahul has that opportunity while in 2003 He got a silver medal. He has put in a lot of effort, planning and preparation with the Indian team. Rahul’s work is highly appreciated for his involvement and contribution not only with the Indian men’s team but also in the NCA and Under 19 team setup. Overall, this will be a big day for Rahul Dravid as a coach.

Because when we talk about earlier coaches, they used to be managers. When we talk about 1983 ICC Cricket World Cup the name of PR Man Singh Sahab is always discussed and equally we talk about 2011 ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup. gary kirsten His role and contribution to the team is given the same importance and importance as MS Dhoni gets. And if Indian team wins the World Cup tomorrow then Rohit Sharma and Rahul Dravid will be remembered for a long time for their role and contribution in winning the cup.

MD Kaif spoke on Indian captain Rohit Sharma’s Focusing on winning the World Cup, he said, “Rohit had scored 500 runs in the last World Cup, but India could not win it. He scored well, scored a few centuries and played really well in seaming conditions, but all that is in the past now. He wants to win the World Cup here and he has a different role here as captain and leader and with both the batsmen and bowlers in form, the team has performed well.

And let me also remind you that no one remembers number 2. I will give an example where once I was standing with Ravi Shastri, and the interviewer referred to him as a World Cup winner, and my name was not included there because I had lost the 2003 World Cup, and when this incident happened If interviews are held after 20 years, no one remembers the losers, but the winning team and players are always remembered and respected. The way Rohit has led from the front and played his shots while batting, and the way Virat Kohli has scored 700 runs and all the other players have also contributed so well, it is so much more than any team in the next match. It will be very difficult to perform well. World Cup, and so this is our best chance to win the World Cup. If not now then when.”

Sanjay Bangar pointed out that tomorrow’s final will be a defining moment for the players and captain Rohit Sharma, adding- “As MD Kaif mentioned, winners are the ones who are always remembered in the end, and this team has There is an opportunity to win the World Cup. In 2015 and 2019 the World Cup was not being played in India, now they are playing the tournament in India, and they know the conditions here and the support a team gets at home is always there. What happens is special. You don’t expect this kind of support in other countries like Australia, Sri Lanka or New Zealand, but, it is a big plus point that all these factors are gone, and there are 7 or 8 players in the team who Playing their second or third World Cup. So I am sure the team will achieve the target they have set and reach the place they deserve.”

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