Hajra Bibi and Hanifa meet in Mecca’s Kaaba, Saudi Arabian families broken by India-Pakistan partition

When India and Pakistan were divided in 1947, lakhs of families were also separated. Half of the people of the same family became Indian citizens and half became Pakistani citizens. 75 years have passed since they were separated, but even today these people are yearning to meet their families. Even today there is a desire in their hearts to meet. Hazra Bibi also had a similar wish, who had gone to Pakistan at the time of partition. Hajra Bibi is 105 years old and now she is fortunate to meet her family. His family lives in Punjab, India.

Efforts were being made from both the sides for 17 months to meet, but only now they have got this happiness. Last Thursday (16 November) Hajra Bibi met her niece Hanifa in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Both had gone to Mecca’s Kaaba for Haj, where they met.

Met with the help of YouTuber
Pakistani YouTuber Nasir Dhillon has helped Hanifa and Hazra Bibi for this meeting. Hazra and Hanifa had spoken on phone for the first time in June last year and then Hazra Bibi came to know that Hanifa’s mother and Hazra’s younger sister Majida had passed away. Hearing this, Hazra Bibi was very shocked and then Hanifa and Hazra thought of meeting. However, both tried many times but could not succeed. Then Nasir Dhillon and Paul Singh Gill, a Sikh living in the US, helped him and also helped him to go to Mecca.

Hanifa and Hazra Bibi cried bitterly as soon as they met.
Nasir Dhillon had also reached Mecca for the reunion of Hanifa and Hajra Bibi. Nasir Dhillon runs a YouTube channel named ‘Punjabi Lahar’. Nasir Dhillon captured the meeting of Hanifa and Hazra Bibi in Kaaba on camera and also uploaded the video of this meeting on his YouTube channel. It can be seen in the video that Hajra and Hanifa’s tears of joy were not stopping when they met after so many years. As soon as they met, both of them burst into tears.

Was trying to meet for 17 months
Hanifa and Hazra Bibi were trying to meet for 17 months. They also tried to meet through the Kartapur Corridor built to connect Gurdwara Darbar Sahib in Pakistan and Gurdwara Dera Baba Nanak in Gurdaspur, Punjab, India. However, he could not get permission for this. Later, Hanifa also thought of going to Pakistan to meet Hajra Bibi and applied for a visa, but she did not get permission for this too.

Hazra Bibi had gone to Pakistan at the time of partition
Nasir Dhillon told that even after so many efforts, when Hazra and Hanifa could not be found, he lost courage. Then Nasir helped him. Nasir told that he had uploaded the video of Hazra Bibi on his YouTube channel and through it he came to know that Hazra Bibi’s family lives in Gurdaspur, Punjab. In this way he came in contact and both of them met. During the partition of 1947, Hazra Bibi went to Pakistan, while her younger sister Majida decided to stay in India.

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