Chhattisgarh News Mother And Son Took A Resolution On Their Birthday To Organ Donation Ann

Korba News: Blood donation, body donation or organ donation are some such great words, if everyone resolves to adopt them in their life, then the lives of many people can be saved. With the same aim of serving humanity, a mother and her son have given the message of life to the society through their noble initiative by taking the oath of organ donation. The special thing is that a young man and his mother have taken this resolution on their anniversary itself.

Mother and son pledge to donate organs

Yoga instructor Durgesh Rathore from Korba city celebrated his birthday in a unique way. Durgesh, who gave a new direction to think and understand the society, himself and his mother Rukhmani Devi Rathore took a pledge to donate organs on the occasion of his birthday. He expressed gratitude to Manish Aggarwal, state president of Marwari Yuva Manch, who inspired Durgesh for this noble work.

He told that during Corona, we all have seen people swinging between life and death. Therefore, if we donate organs, we can save many lives. Every person who is healthy should come forward for this work. Society will change only when we change. There are many misconceptions among people regarding body donation and organ donation, which only youth like us can remove. If the youth come forward in this direction to serve the people, then people will definitely get inspiration and they will also contribute to this work.

Durgesh said that organ donation is such a donation which can give a new life to someone. With the help of organ donation, a person can give a reason to live to many people. This is the reason why it is also called Mahadaan. However, even today there are many misconceptions in the minds of people regarding this. Besides, there is lack of awareness among many people regarding this. Due to lack of correct information, there are many wrong myths and fears in the minds of people regarding organ donation. In such a situation, it is absolutely necessary to spread greater awareness about it among the people.

Donated blood, inspiring others too

On this occasion, like every year, Durgesh donated blood this year too. Durgesh has played an important role in awareness campaigns for plasma donation, blood donation etc. even during the Corona epidemic. He has been engaged in social service since a very young age. When he donated blood for the first time, he resolved to donate blood regularly. With your initiative, you will inspire others to donate blood, so that they can also help anemia patients.

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