Chhattisgarh Election 2023 After Assembly Voting Bets Started Being Placed On Victory Or Defeat In Chhattisgarh Election Ann

Chhattisgarh Assembly Election 2023: Chhattisgarh assembly elections are over, but discussions and jokes about the elections are still going on. After the elections, bookies have also become active in Surajpur city regarding victory and defeat. After the assembly voting, speculations about victory and defeat have started and along with this, bets have also started being placed on the candidates. While the candidates and political parties contesting elections are busy collecting area-wise voting and vote data from their supporters, reports of fraud and party switching are also coming to the fore.

Now, in hotels, paan shops, public squares and tea stalls, party workers as well as people interested in the elections are claiming and counter-claiming victory by citing their respective figures. Amidst the claims of victory and defeat, now someone is also challenging to place a bet. On one hand, Congress supporters are counting the figures of victory, while on the other hand, BJP supporters are confident of victory on the strength of the schemes of the Central Government. In Premnagar, Bhatgaon and Pratappur assemblies of Surajpur district, maximum speculations are being made for Premnagar and Bhatgaon assembly seats. However, since the main contest is between Congress and BJP, supporters of both the parties have started claiming their victory.

Discussion of elections on everyone’s lips

However, on the third day of voting, everyone is talking about elections. Who will win, who will lose and who will remain second, who will dominate and what will be the difference between victory and defeat. Speculators are also bargaining on whose government will be formed in the state and how many seats will be given to which party. Bookies are betting lakhs of rupees not on the victory or defeat of the local candidates, but on the formation of the government in the state and how many seats will be won by which party. After the peaceful elections, now the phase of review of victory and defeat has started in everyone’s mind. At the same time, political pundits have also started calculating the results of the elections and people’s claims on who will be crowned the winner are also changing every hour. On the other hand, the silence of the voters has also forced the candidates and political parties to think.

Bets started regarding victory and defeat

In this round of elections, the game of winning and losing has started from small to big level. Bets ranging from Rs 100 to lakhs have started taking place. Amidst the churning of victory and defeat, people’s disputes regarding claims have increased and people’s voices are also becoming louder while talking. Due to being adamant on victory, tensions regarding the claim have also increased. The situation is generally the same from village to city that after the elections, the debates on the issue of victory or defeat have started taking the form of controversy.

Equations worsened due to heavy voting

Due to the huge turnout in the assembly elections, the discussions in the political circles are not only heated, but political pundits who make additions and subtractions are also in business. Although on which side this camel of politics will sit, it will be known only on December 3, but it is certain that due to the voting being above 80 percent, the equations of many people have started getting disturbed. Amidst their respective claims and counter claims, both the political parties are citing huge turnout in their favor. While the main Congress is associating the party with the government’s schemes and development works, the BJP is considering it as a sign of change.

Singhdev, Renuka and Amarjeet are also at stake

The most prestigious seats among the punters and bookies in Surajpur city are of TS Singhdev from Ambikapur, Amarjeet Bhagat from Sitapur and Renuka Singh from Bharatpur-Sonhat. There is a lot of discussion on these three seats and people are also eager to place their bets on them with their respective claims. The betting market of the district headquarters is also hot regarding these three seats. At the same time, the prestige of Deputy Chief Minister, Union Minister and Food Minister is also linked to these seats.

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