Chhattisgarh Bastar Villagers Give Permission Of Last Rites Of An Elderly Man After Conversion Ann

Bastar News: Controversy regarding conversion is continuously increasing in Bastar district of Chhattisgarh. The tribals are trying to bring back the people of their community to their original religion. The tribals are trying to bring back those who have adopted Christian and Hindu religions to their original religion. This is the case of Agarwada village of Darbha block where an elderly man named Dole Mandavi had died two days ago. Dole’s family started following Hindu religion. For the last rites of Dole, his body was taken to Marghat of the tribal community of the village, where the people of the tribal community opposed the last rites in Marghat and said that Dole believed in Hindu religion, in such a situation his body was taken to Marghat. The last rites will not be allowed to be performed here.

During this period, a dispute also arose between Dole’s family members and the villagers. Amidst the controversy, Dole Mandavi’s family talked about returning to the original religion of the tribals. After this, 6 members of the family entered the tribal society and then the dead body was cremated with full rituals.

Trying to save our culture – Tribal organization
This is the first such case in Bastar when a follower of Hindu religion has been brought back into the original religion of the tribals. Divisional Secretary of Youth Division of Sarva Adivasi Samaj, Baldev Mandavi says that we are not opposing any religion. We are just trying to save our tribal culture, tribals have always been worshipers of nature. In such a situation, work is being done to re-enter the Christian community and the tribals who have adopted Sanatan Dharma, leaving the society of their original religion.

First case of withdrawal from Hinduism
For some time now, there has been a continuous dispute regarding the burial of dead bodies in the area. Earlier, there used to be disputes in the houses of tribals who had adopted Christianity regarding the burial of dead bodies after the death of people. Burial of the dead body was allowed only after returning home, but this is the first time that the tribal society has protested after the death of a person following Hindu religion and has included the family members back into the original religion of the tribals.

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