BRICS meeting on Israel-Hamas war, all member countries can issue joint statement

A virtual meeting will be held between the BRICS countries regarding the Israel-Hamas war. In this meeting, apart from the member countries like Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS), those countries have been invited that will be part of this group in January next year. This includes Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran and United Arab Emirates. South Africa will host the virtual meeting of BRICS.

Heads of state of all member countries will participate in the virtual meeting. It is noteworthy that Vladimir Putin will also attend the virtual meeting of BRICS, who did not participate in the previous BRICS summit because the International Criminal Court had convicted him of war crimes due to the war in Ukraine.

According to The Hindu, during this meeting a consensus among all the member countries regarding war will be considered. South Africa said that United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres will also participate in this meeting. After the meeting, all member countries can issue a joint statement.

South Africa called a meeting

At present, South Africa holds the chairmanship of BRICS. That’s why he is also hosting the BRICS meeting. South Africa has always been vocal about Palestinian demands. The ruling party, the African National Congress, links the Palestinian struggle to its struggle against apartheid. On Friday, South Africa became the fifth country to file a complaint against Israel in the International Criminal Court. Apart from South Africa, China and Russia also ‘sympathize’ with Palestine.

What is BRICS?

BRICS is a group of countries with emerging economies. This group believes that they will be the largest partner of global supply by 2050. Jim O’Neill, a British economist, coined the term BRIC. The first meeting of BRIC was held in the year 2006. At that time, due to South Africa not joining this group, it was called BRIC. In the year 2010, South Africa joined this group, since then its name is BRICS. Many countries of the world are eager to join this group.

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