Bigg Boss 17 Navid Sole Eliminated From Bigg Boss Now He Revealed His Relationship With Abhishek Kumar Said He Proposed Me | Bigg Boss 17: Is Navid Sole in a relationship with Abhishek Kumar? Said after coming out of Bigg Boss house

Bigg Boss 17: The 17th season of Salman Khan’s most controversial reality show Bigg Boss has also become the talk of the town. The show is becoming interesting with each passing episode and is forcing the audience to stay glued to the TV screen. In the latest episode, the makers brought a new twist in the show and did the elimination. In which London based pharmacist and TV personality Navid Sole was out of the show. In the promo, the housemates were seen quite emotional after Navid Sole was eliminated. Now, after coming out of the show, Navid has made such revelations about Abhishek Kumar which have left everyone shocked.

Navid made shocking revelations on his relationship with Abhishek
After coming out of Bigg Boss house, Navid Sole has made many shocking revelations. Regarding her and Abhishek’s relationship, she said that they both love each other. Navid said that he wanted to understand Abhishek more, hence he wanted to stay in the house more. Navid also said that he has a crush on Abhishek and he loves him. Navid said that Abhishek is quite aggressive but his heart is clean.

Abhishek proposed to Navid?
Navid further revealed, “I feel like if I had stayed in the house longer, the way he was crying would have made me and him a couple. He didn’t cry like that for Isha either.” He said, “He even kind of proposed to me and kissed me. So our bond was unbreakable. I would love to see him again. I love him so much.”

How was Naved Sole evicted from Bigg Boss 17 house?
In the recent episode of Bigg Boss 17, Bigg Boss calls the brain room members Vicky Jain, Arun Mashetti, Sunny Arya, Sana Raees Khan and Anurag Doval to the archive room and says that I want to take a performance review from you today. After this, Bigg Boss asked all of them to give the names of three contestants who should have been eliminated from the show long ago. On this everyone decided the names of Jigna Vora, Rinku Dhawan and Navid Sole. Finally Naved was evicted from the house.

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