Bigg Boss 17 Episode 37 Written Live Update After Naveed, Salman Khan is the only contestant to be eliminated from the show.

Bigg Boss 17 Episode 37 Written Live Updates: Many twists and turns are being seen in the reality show ‘Bigg Boss 17’. Recently, Navid was evicted from the show in mid-week eviction. In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 17, a heated fight was seen between Khanzadi and Abhishek. Khanjadi shouted at Abhishek and said that you are a bad person.

Argument between Vicky Jain and Abhishek

While fighting with Khanzadi, Abhishek and Vicky Jain also started arguing. Vicky says don’t bring me in between, then Abhishek gets very angry.

Abhishek felt bad after crying

Vicky and Abhishek talk to each other and say that I have always come to you, but you have never come to me. Vicky says that Abhishek, you do not know how to handle relationships.

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