‘Avoid traveling to Myanmar’, Ministry of External Affairs issues advisory for Indian people amid violence

Myanmar violence: In view of the encounter between the militia group People’s Defense Force (PDF) and the soldiers in Myanmar, the Government of India issued an advisory for the Indian people. The Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday (21 November) that people should avoid traveling to Myanmar.

The Ministry of External Affairs issued a statement saying, “In view of the security situation in Myanmar, all Indian citizens are advised to avoid non-essential travel to Myanmar.” Apart from this, people who are already living in Myanmar should not go to the areas affected by violence. Interstate travel by road should also be avoided.

Ministry spokesperson Arandim Bagchi shared the statement on social media. It further says that people living in Myanmar are appealed to register by filling the form at the Indian Embassy. In fact, recently PDF had attacked Chin State of Myanmar. In response, Myanmar’s army retaliated. Due to the attack in Chin, many soldiers also fled to India.

Myanmar soldiers had fled to Mizoram
29 Myanmar soldiers who had fled to Mizoram were sent back to their country on Sunday (November 19). So far, 70 Myanmar army personnel, who came to India after the occupation of camps by PDF’s military forces, have been sent back to their country.

Meanwhile, news agency PTI quoted officials as saying that at present the situation on the India-Myanmar India Border is peaceful and there is no news of any clash since Wednesday (November 15).

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