Australian Deputy Prime Minister criticized China before watching the ICC Cricket World Cup final match with PM Modi, know why?

Australia on China: Before watching the Cricket World Cup final match with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday (November 19), Australia’s Deputy Prime Minister Richard Marles has strongly criticized and warned China for unsafe and unprofessional naval activity.

According to news agency Reuters, the Australian government said on Saturday (November 18) that it has expressed serious concern to China about the unsafe and unprofessional face-off between an Australian naval vessel and a Chinese warship, which resulted in injuries to Australian military divers. .

What did Australian Deputy PM Richard Marles say?

Australia’s Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Richard Marles said a long-range frigate, HMAS Toowoomba, conducted a diving operation in Japan’s exclusive economic zone on November 14 to remove fishing nets from its propeller. ) was driving when the incident occurred.

“A PLA-N destroyer (DDG-139) operating in the nearby area approached HMAS Toowoomba while the diving operation was underway,” Marles said in a statement, referring to a ship of China’s People’s Liberation Army Navy. Came closer.

‘Despite being informed about the operation, the Chinese ship came closer’

The Deputy PM said that despite the Australian ship informing about the diving operation and requesting to stay away, the Chinese destroyer came within close range. Shortly thereafter it was found to be operating with its hull-mounted sonar in a manner that jeopardized the safety of Australian divers, who were forced to exit the water. Fell.

“(The Chinese ship’s) behavior was unsafe and unprofessional,” Marles said. Defense Minister Marles said medical examinations showed that the divers suffered minor injuries due to the Chinese destroyer’s sonar.

Australia’s warning to China

Marles said, “Australia expects all countries, including China, to operate their forces in a professional and safe manner.” He said the safety and well-being of Australian military personnel is the government’s top priority. The Chinese Embassy in Australia did not immediately respond to a request for comment, the report said.

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