A married woman in Andhra Pradesh was saved by ritually immersing her hands in boiling oil.

Andhra Pradesh: In Andhra Pradesh, a government official’s timely intervention saved a 50-year-old mother of four when she was about to dip her hands in boiling oil to prove her chastity. The incident took place on Thursday (November 16) in a tribal community at Thatithopu village near Thenpalle in Pootalapattu mandal of Chittoor district, the official said.

According to news agency PTI, the Panchayat Raj Department official said that the woman was about to take the exam at around 10.30 am by putting her hands in boiling oil, but I reached there and saved her.

The Panchayat official said that as per tradition, to ‘test the fidelity’, 5 liters of oil is boiled and poured into an earthen pot decorated with flowers and the people of the village gather to watch it. The woman’s 57-year-old husband had doubts about his wife’s character for a long time.

Husband beats woman several times due to suspicion

The officer said that the woman’s husband had allegedly beaten her several times. According to the age-old tradition of the Yerukula tribal community, a woman whose character is in doubt has to dip her hands in boiling oil in front of the community members.

Burning hands is considered ‘unfaithful’

He told that if a woman’s hands do not get burnt then it is believed that she is faithful to her husband. At the same time, if his hands get burnt then he is considered ‘unfaithful’. The woman is the mother of 4 children and she agreed to take the test to prove her fidelity. Complete preparations were made for this.

‘The police called the woman and her husband to the police station and explained’

The officer said, “The woman agreed to this test thinking that it would be better to prove her innocence than to be beaten by her husband on a regular basis.” No case was registered with the police against those involved in this matter, but the woman Her husband and other family members were called to the police station, explained and sent back home from there.

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